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Weezer Mommas!

For Mommas that love Weezer!

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This is a community for mommas and mommas-to-be who love Weezer.
That includes non-pregnant women who might name their children after Weezer related things.
It is not an open community. I, riverslove, and/or jonasgirl will receive an e-mail when you request to join, and, most likely, I will allow you to be a member.

When you make your first entry, I'd like to see something along the lines of:

Name of child(ren):
Favorite Weezer Album:
Favorite Weezer song (and none of that, "I can't decide, I love them all so much" stuff):
Which albums do you own?:
Any interesting Weezer stories to share?:
If you could name a child after something Weezer related, what would the name be?:
Do you quote Weezer lyrics in your everyday life?:
More about me:

1. No drama!
2. Feel free to post pictures of your kids. Just do it behind a cut, thanks.

More later.