Nyssa (riverslove) wrote in weezermommas,

Name: Nyssa H.
Name of child(ren): Rivers Kugler H.
Favorite Weezer Album: The Blue Album
Favorite Weezer song (and none of that, "I can't decide, I love them all so much" stuff):  "Mykel and Carli," hands down. Next would be "Starlight."
Which albums do you own?: The Blue Album, Pinkerton, Maladroit, The Deluxe Edition, I lost the Green Album...
Any interesting Weezer stories to share?: Not really. I almost saw them in concert once, but I couldn't go. I have a tour shirt, though!
If you could name a child after something Weezer related, what would the name be?: Rivers! Ha. I am the queen.
Do you quote Weezer lyrics in your everyday life?: Oh my, yes.
More about me:

I'm 20. I have a 2 and a half month old son. He's my whole world. I live with Rivers' daddy, Jake. Eventually, we will get married. (I'd like to look better in a wedding dress first.) My step-dad, Mike, turned me on to Weezer many years ago. I've loved them ever since. I love everyone that loves Weezer, also.
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ive been trying to do the layout, but i'm not listed as a maintainer yet. hook me up? :)